Below is a collection of testimonials and success stories, from you, the developers and users of Phalcon PHP. We always welcome emails with success stories and will be posting those in our blog. If you wish to send us your success story or get in touch with us, feel free to mail us at [email protected].

›› Hello, Phalcon team. I would like to share with you our success story of using Phalcon in and projects, the most visited and highloaded sites in Kazakhstan, ranked in TOP-10 classified sites in the CIS. Both sites work on single RESTful-like API written on Phalcon\Mvc\Micro. On peak loads API processes something like 400 req/sec and this is not a limit. Moving to Phalcon allowed us to reduce response generation time and the consumption of CPU and RAM, as well as to reduce the time of development process. We will continue using Phalcon in our new projects. Thank you for the great work you are doing! Nikita Vershinin, Lead Developer, and

›› Phalcon Team, The framework you guys have created is amazing. I've never used a framework that has combined speed, efficiency, brevity, and naturality all in one package. I intend on championing and contributing back to the project in any way that I can. I embarked recently on an ~800 hour project and am happy to say that we are using Phalcon Framework. Bravo. Brian Seymour

›› Hi guys, I just ran across Phalcon and it's just awesome! I've merely wanted to say to you how awesome you are! So, thanks for this framework and keep up the good work! Ivan Penchev

›› Hi Guys, i wrote simple url-shortener service with phalcon. That was amazing! really. Demo is here: Murat Küçükosman

›› Hello Phalcon Team, I created a small project designed for Polish users using your framework. I have to admit that the performance is amazing, congratulations good job. Service to validate the content of the web pages in Polish language

›› Hi guys! Just wanted to share with you the latest release of our old project - . Switching to phalcon allowed us to halve the server load compared to the previous framework, which is great!