The commands below are for v5.0.0. You can adjust them accordingly to install the latest version of Phalcon. For v4, the PSR extension is required to be loaded before Phalcon. Please ensure that it is available in your system.


Using Pecl this extension will be automatically installed in your system The Pecl installation method is available for Windows, Linux and MacOS. Under windows pre-compiled dll files will be used. Under Linux and MacOS it will compile phalcon locally so it could be faster to use a different installation method on these platforms. To install using Pecl make sure you have pecl/pear installed.

pecl channel-update
pecl install phalcon

We highly recommend you use the latest version of PHP corresponding to our DLLs, so as to take advantage of the full feature set of Phalcon.


Windows DLLs can be downloaded from our Github release page here


To use phalcon on Windows you can download a DLL library. Edit your php.ini, append at the end, and restart your webserver to load the extension. More.


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