Anton Vasiliev

Anton Vasiliev


Anton discovered Phalcon in 2013 and immediately fell in love with it. He started building personal projects and applications using v1.2 and has continued using it until now, upgrading when necessary. His vision is to make Phalcon a fast, competitive, fully featured and robust framework that can help developers in this dynamic web world.

He started contributing to the project with small contributions initially but he is now the lead developer for Zephir. He is also maintaining the incubator and devtools repositories.

Anton currently focuses on DevTools, Migrations, Documentation as well as Docker images for Phalcon.

Nikolaos (Nikos) Dimopoulos

Nikolaos (Nikos) Dimopoulos


نیکوز طی ۲۰ سال گذشته در صنعت فناوری اطلاعات فعال بوده است. از سال ۲۰۰۰ با دنبای PHP آشنا شد و از زمان پروژه‌های شخصی و شرکتی خود را دنبال کرده است.

او عاشق کشف فناوری‌های جدید و ادغام آن‌ها با برنامه‌های موجود است تا از آن‌ها بهره‌مند شوند.

او یک پشتیبان مشتاق از توسعه آزمون محور یا TDD است و همیشه سعی می‌کند در کد خود از آن استفاده کند.

Nikos' continuing interest in new and innovative technologies breaking out of the norm introduced him to Phalcon. He joined the core team and took over as lead developer. His tasks also involve coordination of NFRs and bug fixes, tests and documentation.

Andres Gutierrez

Andres Gutierrez (special mention)

آندره با پروژه‌های اوپن سورس غریبه نیست. در ۹ سال گذشته، چارچوب‌های نرم‌افزاری PHP را طراحی و منتشر کرده و از آن زمان در توسعه وب فعال بوده است - که علاقه اصلی اوست.

A TR35 winner, Andres' main drive is to always choose and implement or use the right tool for the job, mostly focused on performance. Therefore in 2011 a new idea was in the works; to create a new kind of framework for PHP developers, one that focuses on usability, features and mostly performance.

Through this new innovative approach Phalcon was born. A PHP framework written in C that can offer a wealth of features to developers while maximizing performance and keeping resource utilization low.

Andres is was the inspiration behind Phalcon and although he is no longer with the project, are always thankful for his vision.

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